Time plan is the app with which you can consult all schedules of offices, shops and freelancers, to know at all times when they are available.

Time Plan is simple but full of features!

Simple and intuitive interface, with which you can quickly access the information you need.


Enter all times for each day of the week, contacts and details to create your card.


It uses a simple QR code to share cards with whoever you want, just create a code and photograph it with another device.


You can buy a QR code to make it permanent, you can print it, share it on Facebook or send it to whoever you want, ideal for those with a business.

Quick and easy

Quickly find the data you are looking for using the search function integrated in the application or the new Spotlight feature available on iOS 9, to go directly to the card you need.

Full of features

Check for availability on the built-in timer, enter the weekly schedules, assigns an avatar to the card by inserting an image, assign a note to each zone.

Share with a touch

Create a QR code to share the data with a simple touch, just photographing the code with another device and you're done!

You have a business or are a freelance?

If you have a business or you are a freelance, with time plan, you can create your custom tab complete the QR code, to be printed and attack at the entrance of your store or office.
Your customers will always know when and where to find you!